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Our Products

Apparel line offers a number of options for moving freight throughout New Zealand, providing customers with the flexibility to choose which option best suits their requirements. Our most popular product is our POST-paid tickets.


Unlike other courier services providers, we offer the option of moving freight on Post-paid tickets. This means there is no upfront cost to your business. They are simply ‘pay as you use’, with tickets not being charged until they are scanned upon pickup.


For moving smaller items Nationwide, we offer a range of Apparel Line pre-paid satchels.


Our specially developed IT system provides customers with the option of producing their own labels and courier tickets, which are easily attached to consignments.


If customers prefer not to use courier tickets, then there is the option of charging jobs on account, where customers simply supply us with the details and our friendly team will arrange it for you, and provide you with a tracking number. On account also covers such services as bulk transportation, event logistics, and store openings.

Ticket Types:

Auckland Tickets: Order Here

  • Local Ticket 20kg (Orange)
  • Outer Metro Ticket 20kg (Gold)

National Tickets: Order Here

  • Short Haul 10kg (Green)
  • Long Haul 5kg (Yellow)
  • Long Haul 10kg (Blue)
  • Between Islands 5kg (Red)
  • Between Islands 10kg (Purple)

Additional Tickets/Options: Order Here

  • Overnight Airfreight 5kg (Blue)
  • Saturday Delivery (Pink)

Pre-paid Satchels: Order Here

  • Small Within the Island (SW)
  • Small Between the Island (SB)
  • Large Within the Island (LW)
  • Large Between the Island (LB)